Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Camp Watanda

This is a year of milestone birthdays for us...hubby turns 40, I turn 35 (new life cycle), Jade turns 13, Isis 10, Bella turned 1, & my brother turned 30.

In the process of trying to research venues last fall for Dave's 40th b-day (during peak wedding season) I discovered Camp Watanda. It is a 38 acre retired summer camp on a private lake just outside of Nevada City. You have the option of renting the lodge, a cabin, & 4 kiosks-- for a fairly reasonable price. I had envisioned renting the whole darn place and having a "Summer of 69" weekend with friends & family. I sent email invites months ago and put down a non-refundable deposit. Unfortunately, I only got two RSVPs back. So....I scrapped the idea. Fortunately, they let us use the deposit towards our family renting the cabin for the weekend and in the process of negotiation we ended up reroofing their lodge and making money on the whole deal. Sweet!

Tomorrow is the last day of school and we head out for our Watanda weekend. Their calender is showing the lodge rented too...I'm hoping it's wrong.
Our first night we're goin to hook up with my Mom & her man and check out the Mill Street Farmers Market in Grass Valley. Have some dinner & wine & do a little shopping...
Friday we'll chill at Watanda, do a little boating, & enjoy my tasty grill menu.
Malakoff Diggins is the Waldorf 4th grade field trip and Jade was highly disappointed that she missed it because we drug her to Maui for 2 wks. I just found out Sat. is their 43rd annual Malakoff Diggins Humbug Days. If we survive the trecherous narrow dirt road, costumes, wagon rides, ghost town tours, gold panning, candle dipping, tin punching, & live music... await us.
Overall, hoping for some relaxed family bonding time.
*fingers crossed*

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