Monday, June 8, 2009

Wanna see my box?

"Whoop, there it is!"

Went to Jade's BFF's house yesterday and all of us ladies made our moon boxes-- on the full moon (see "First Moon Wkshop" post). Everybody's boxes turned out beautiful. A fun time for all.
Kathy (BFF's mom) made us a delicious pizza on the grill...TJ's WW dough, pesto sauce, lg. portabella mushrooms caps, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, garlic, & goat cheese...mmm, mmm, good. I will definitely be duplicating it this weekend.

The girls were pumpin up the Lady Gaga and Kathy was bustin out the hot dance moves. She recently took a class and has sexy routines choreographed to songs. I was green with envy.
Dance classes have been on my to do list since last fall when I heard at Tony Robbins seminar that dancing helps women stay in their "feminine". I need to take those classes. Then I can be a smokin' hot mama. ;)

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