Thursday, June 25, 2009

Homemade Gifts

We're 1/2 way to Christmas(!)...which is my favorite holiday. I do my best to come up with thoughtful personal gifts for everyone on my list... & secretly wish everyone did the same.

I can predict that again this year, most of the family will decide to just pick a name or buy just for the kids (usually gift cards) or immediate family. I feel like the spirit of Christmas is getting lost... celebrating connections with family & friends.

Due to the economy and my desire to still give gifts I have decided to get crafty. If I can get organized this could actually save me some holiday stress (& $) and give the kids and I some creative summer activites. I had been compiling a long list of ideas on my phone, somehow it has just disappeared (Beau I'm guessing), so here I go again (help me, Martha!)...

* Etched glass storage jars- for storing flours & sugars in particular. I would love to get these. Most people could use these. I know you can find inexpensive jars at Ikea...

* Spa kit, including bath fizzies, body scrub, soap, solid perfume, lip balm, candles, & a relaxing CD.

* Photo calenders / photo books - both sentimental, easy, & inexpensive (compared to scrapbooking)

* Hot Sauce (my hubby & sister-in-law love it) - lots of great recipes, bottle it, & come up with a creative label ("Hot Mama" sauce;)

* Homemade jams - not very original, but rare these days. Spare the healthy recipes.

* Homemade truffles (with variety of toppings) * Chocolate fudge (cut into squares & wrapped up like a gift with lil red ribbon) * Choc. dipped dried apricots * Homemade Roca * Nut Brittle / Toffee * PB cups * Peppermint bark

BTW, while googling ideas I see that the Pitt-Jolie family do the same... Any other ideas??

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