Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hubby's B-day

Hubby's 40th was nice. Small but memorable. I ended up settling on:
One night in Tahoe at the Fantasy Inn (his pick) and dinner at the cozy & delicious Cafe Fiore...which ended up being walking distance from the hotel. The next morning we headed to Heavenly Gondola, they request that you check in 90 min. before your Heavenly Flyer reservation.
Unfortunately, they had a fire the previous night due to someone throwing a smoke out the little gondola they had to duct tape screens on all the gondolas before they could let anyone on... That put a glitch on my relaxing picnic plans on the observation deck. We had a 1:00 reservation and they ended up deciding to cut all reservations before 1:30...I worked my way up through management till I redeemed our reservation, and we ended up being the first ride of the day.
I was totally nervous on the steep ride up...but the zip line is a seperate (not nearly as steep) cable. They strap you in a harness, 2 at a time, pressed up against a mesh door that suddenly releases...and you're OFF...

Dave used his new iPhone to take a video:
MobileMe Gallery - Zipline

We headed by the Celebrity Golf Tournament but they had just wrapped for the day.
So, we headed get ready for dinner. Which was supposed to be with his four best friends (& their better halves)... it was a SURPRISE! I had reserved their "Champagne room" which ended up being perfect for an intimate dinner party. The service, food, & ambiance was great.
It would have been fun to carry the night on to a little longer but 3 of the 4 guys just turned 40...and they were ready to go home. All in all I think he had a nice birthday. Cheers!

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