Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mind Movies

Somebody forwarded me a link to Mind Movies.
I wasn't totally impressed with the amateur presentation (maybe that's their niche), but I think it really is a great idea. I believe in quantum science and the "law of attraction" and this just takes it to the next level...beyond writing & collaging. What better way to help you clearly visualize in the ideal vibrational energy than by actually looking at images of what you want, plastered with powerful affirmations, to music you love.

Several people have posted theirs on youtube, here's one example:

Me & the hubby, and the girls can all do this. It will be fun. Their program is only $49 (& includes lots of extras). I thought about just trying to make one on my own using my MAC but beings that I'm not very computer saavy, it's probably worth spending the $ for all the time I would save. Plus they will show you how to embed your movie with subliminals as well (hmm, maybe I'll make one for my husband with my own agenda embedded...mwa-ha-ha).

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