Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Romantic Rendevous

Not the best pic, but you get the idea.
Remember the excitement of anticipating & planning dates when you were single? I miss that.
I've been reliving some of the memories as my single girlfriend is in the throes of summer love. Rather than just live vicariously, I decided maybe we need to spice up the date nights with a little more creativity and spontaneity. So yesterday I scouted out her private beach location for a sunset picnic (the planning is 1/2 the fun). When tired hubby walked in the door, I handed him a glass of wine, told him to kiss the children goodnight, and I would be waiting in the car... We hiked down to the lake, with our handy picnic backpack. I knew he would be hungry, so in addition to the bottle of Cab, the Blue Catello cheese, the fruit, & homemade truffles, I also made Irish Beef Hand Pies (veggie)-- with an assort. of mini hot sauces (a must-have for him).
We had a lovely romantic evening.
Anybody else have some fun date ideas?

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