Thursday, May 7, 2009


I wish today's pic was the moment when Beau casually pulled up his board shorts to reveal the panty liner plastered around his leg.  I guess he thought he'd scored when he found an extra lg. bandage.  LOL.
Last night I told Dave about my new blog, and to my surprise he immediately announced he wants to start one too now.   So...he now has "Golf Fiend".  He's eagerly planning to review courses every weekend & hopefully turn his passion into a write-off.   
Last night I also decided to finally jump on the facebook wagon.  I had signed up a couple months ago, when someone said they added me as a friend and I found that I have a facebook impostor.  I'm trying to get it removed, it really isn't me.  I would never post that pic of myself & it says I'm a couple yrs older than I am!  So far I've discovered my 1st grade best friend, my high school sweetheart, and my handsome gay ex-roommie ("Will & Grace")...  My daughters scolded me for my provocative profile pic, so I guess I need to muster up a vanilla pic.  I'm using reverse psych on them... <:-/

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