Monday, May 18, 2009

Marriage Encounter

My husband & I have recently been having a couple reoccurring combative issues. My dad suggested we try Marriage Encounter. So, we attended this past weekend (our anniv. is this week). It was a very worthy weekend. We came away closer with a new method of communication--"dialoguing". Throughout the weekend we would go over a topic, led by 4 couples. Then the males or females would be dismissed to their room to write, later the other would join to exchange notebooks. We were given very good thought/feeling provoking questions. It stirred up our hot issues and I was sad & angry half way through the weekend worried that we weren't going to have any breakthroughs and would just leave more resentful.
But the questions keep delving deeper...& eventually all couples left with deeper understanding and connection with each other. I would recommend it to most, unless you're a total atheist (as there is a God emphasis).
One of the main tools to continue communication and connection, was daily dialouging. Choosing a question (they gave us 90 to start us out), each of us is to write our answers in seperate notebooks, then set 10 min. to get together and exchange notebooks. Then pick another question for the next day. The questions range from "how do I feel about"...your/my hopes, highs/lows, hobbies, temper, fav movie/book/song/food, Christmas presents, my/your age, discipline, my/your job, budgeting, prayer, sex...
I have several question books (somewhere) that I used to pore through when Dave & I started dating. I think our girls would probably enjoy doing something similar as well...maybe it could be new dinnertime conversation material.
They also talked about a Newsweek cover article on "Prayer". It stated that a study (still looking for the article) indicated that couples who pray together frequently (& have sex together frequently) report significantly higher marital satisfaction. I'm sure the latter is obvious, but the prayer intrigues me...

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