Tuesday, May 5, 2009

play group

Tuesday mornings I take the babies, Sybella & Beau (1 & 2) to an organized play group facilitated by a Waldorf teacher. I'm doing this in an effort to inspire myself to be more structured & patient...and possibly connect with other mothers. The latter hasn't happened as there are only 2 other mothers, friends but not really friendly. I feel some judgement about Beau's rambunctious nature and my non-Waldorf persona, not a big deal.
Today I took note of the schedule on my iphone. I inwardly debate over whether I should try to discipline myself to do this every weekday am, or whether I should enroll Beau into a Waldorf am preschool then let Bella free play while I get office & housework done.My biggest challenge is Beau's ability to destroy so much in so little time. It seems to be his mission every day from the time he wakes up at 5am till we manage to get him down between 7-9pm. For example, we were gone most of the am yet still he managed to break his train table, shatter my new venetian glass candle holder, cut through the screen door (again), and break open the child-proofed cleaner & medicine cabinet to pour out cleaners & pills (together of course). This was all while I was in the bathroom. He costs more in damages every day than in living expenses. Very frustrating & time consuming. "I break it" seems to be his proud mantra.
The other ongoing dynamic is Beau's obsession with dominating his poor defenseless baby sister. Her only retaliation is fussing & shrieking for hours, much to his amusement (and my diSTRESS). "Beau stop hitting...stop pushing...stop smothering...put the golf club down....." Arghhhhhhhhhhh!

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