Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

I found this self-portrait of Jade on my camera last night. Nice. She is a beautiful girl who loves to pose (genetic? :), but it's nice to get a more organic shot.
A priceless shot today would have been Beau molesting the lingerie manikins at Macy's. He kept magnetically being drawn back to them with a beaming smile & a twinkle in his eye, while I tried desperately to distract him in vain. "I want to touch their body", as he fondled their butts and peeked at their rear. Oh no, is the testosterone already kicking in?

Today, I'm wrapping up the details for our Mother's Day. Every year there is a debate over where to make brunch reservations. My nana's fav place is Raddison's buffet--which is like $32/adult. However, my millionaire uncle doesn't want to spend that much, so we have ended up a handful of other suckie places for Mother's Day. This prompted me to propose to the men that this year they step up and shock all the women with a groundbreaking brunch prepped, cooked, & served by them!! This may not be a big deal to some but I don't believe it has ever happened in the history of our family. Initially it was like I had suggested they all get vasectomies together. I promised my brother's that I would do my part and trade out their Martinelli's for mimosa's. I guess I'll wait till next year to propose making this an annual event.

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Anonymous said...

i uswe to work for the hyatt in downtown sacramento across from the capitol. and they have a pretty nice spread for brunch dont know how much it costs tradition with my family is taking the kids and honey to whole earth festival in much fun and music and friends.i get to pick out my present there and the kids get crystals and a handmade beanie animal.and on friday and sat night at the fiestival at dawn into evening they have fire dancers. so cool.

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