Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I "kick ass"

This morning started out pretty good, despite the entourage of messes following Beau (spilled: cocoa powder, baby powder, windex, vitamins, shampoo, water, etc)...all because I was pleasantly surprised to find a new message drawn on the glass wall of my steamy shower, a heart with the message "You Kick Ass" inside emerged (made with soap). It doesn't seem like a big deal, but today it felt more meaningful than an "I Love You", because I do kick ass! Once in awhile it feels good to have it acknowledged rather than just being labeled a "busy body".
One of the ways I kick ass, is by making a new menu every week. I frequently try new recipes, gleaned from my numerous subscriptions (Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Everyday Food, Living, & Vegetarian Times), online, and several cookbooks. Gratefully do most of my grocery shopping via Raley's ecart. Then I slave away in the kitchen every day in hopes of sharing a delicious relaxing candlelight dinner with my family. For example, today I made a new casserole that I heard about at the wine bar last weekend, homemade Waldorf bread rolls (because last week the girls said that it's the "best bread in the world"!! My food has never had a compliment that high), a spring salad w/ a creamy feta vinagrette, & a Strawberrry Rhubarb crisp. Here's what I'm likely to get from my older girls: "What is that? Do I have to eat it? I'm not hungry." From my husband, nothing but an empty plate. From the babies: shrill pre-bedtime meltdown
I don't mean to attract this, however, I have found that by anticipating a lovely, connected, appreciated dinner I'm left feeling disappointed & resentful. I do still keep trying & hoping...
At the end of dinner, I do a thumbs up/down survery to determine whether the new recipe will be a keeper and make it's way into "Hot Mama's Yummy *Secret* Recipes" or retire in the garbage.
OMG! I just totally fell over the baby gate racing from the kitchen to the office. I literally flipped upside down (in a dress) onto my head, scraping & brusing my bare shin from my foot halfway to my knee. Ouch!! If I had a video camera set up I could have won $10,000.
My nana would say "Pride goeth before a fall", when she quit laughing.

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