Monday, May 11, 2009

Home school!

Today was the first day my middle daughter (Isis) has begged to do home school for a year. Home school?! She is social, a leader, isn't having any particular issues at hand...although I am personally very upset that her teacher is being fired for no apparent reason. (In the Waldorf schools the teacher travels through the grades with the students. They have had this teacher for 3 yrs.)
Wow! Home school is a big obligation. I've never really considered it. I could do it, I'm just not convinced that it would really be in her best interest. It would take alot of extra time, patience, education, & dedication. In the Waldorf curriculum, the children are guided on making all their own artsy main lesson books (no text bks). They do watercolor painting, chalk drawing, form drawing, play flute, knit, learn via games, plays, & lots of stories, and celebrate numerous seasonal, cultural, & religious festivals.... all new to me. I would be willing to commit myself to the challenge, but I think I'm going to continue to encourage her to stick with all the Waldorf-trained teachers at school.

I will admit it is very tempting because she can be such a help with the babies.
I think she may just be craving more attention. We do family dinners every night and I could work on more connection at bedtime. We need to start implementing their "special day" each month and maybe designated weekly family time... a fraction of the extra effort that homeschooling would necessitate.

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