Friday, May 22, 2009

Most Important Day of the Year

Isn't that clever?! These were a gift from my husband. Love it!
We should trademark the phrase ("Pour Mi Amour").
Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary (crystal).
So my Dad's theory, which I am adopting, is that an anniversary is the most significant holiday of the year (including birthdays) because it is the only one you choose...year after year.
This concept will help to justify my plan to renew our vows somewhere new every year.
It's a fun way and good time of year to take a vacation.
Initially when we were planning our wedding, we narrowed down a location...then started calculating the thousands of dollars and considering all the dysfunctional family/friend dynamics...and opted on short notice to just elope on a gondola in Venice! It was fabulous.
Both of our first time to Europe and Venice was just surreal. I'm so grateful we did it, especially before both our babies were born. However, my older daughters were still anticipating "the wedding" so we decided the next year to courageously take a action-packed family vacation to Maui and tie the knot on the beach with the older two, the baby, & another baby on the way. Not relaxing by any means, but a beautiful ceremony.
After both weddings, we neglected to file our our 2nd Anniversary was a trip to the county recorders office to seal the deal. Which, now brings us to this year...which we decided the renewal of vows at Marriage Encounter was close enough. Then just for fun we had an old time photo done to commemorate our 3rd Anniversary.
Someday we will elope in Reno (like my grandparents that were married for 56 years before my papa passed)...Dave suggested Niagara Falls...there is funky drive-thru chapel in Vegas (with the option to get married by Elvis in a pink Cadillac)... Couples/Sandals resort... a hot air balloon... Dave suggested sky diving, but I'm not sold on that one... there is an amazing ice chapel in Sweden... Greece would be great... I've always wanted to visit Tahiti... on an elephant in Phuket, Thailand :) ... a nude wedding (LOL!)... or we may just get tired of saying "I Do". For now the prospects are fun & exciting. We could even write a book highlighting each one...

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